The only removable, 100% secure roof rack for your skis, bikes, and surfboards.

Need a way to transport your gear with any car? We built the STAG Rack for you. Bundle up the sport attachments you need with our modular base units and you're ready for adventure. One roof rack, all your sports. 

With over 725kgs of pull strength between the 8 industrial grade vacuum cups the STAG Rack is STRONG. However, we know you love your car, so we've ensured the rubber vacuum cups will be gentle on your roof and paint without leaving marks.

It’s time to ditch the permanent roof rack and get yourself a STAG Rack.

(Modular base units included in each bundle)



  • Installed in under 2 minutes
  • 725kgs+ pounds of certified pull strength
  • Works on the roof or rear window of any car
  • Securely attaches to glass, metal, or fiberglass
  • Save MPG when not in use
  • No bolts or permanent roof rack


  • Capable of holding two bikes up to 18 kgs each
  • Both 15mm thru axle or 9mm quick release standard


    • Capable of holding 3 surfboards or 2 SUP
    • Comes with built in straps