Stag Rack Universal Roof Rack: Works with any Car

The Stag Rack Universal Roof Rack redefines the way we enjoy outdoor sports and adventures. Transporting bulky sports equipment and gears takes a lot of energy and effort. Standard roof racks are a set of bars permanently attached to the roof of a vehicle to carry large or heavy loads that otherwise would not fit inside the compartment. When you need to take large items such as bikes, skis, or surfboards; you need to fasten them tightly and adequately to ensure they are secure and won’t loosen whilst driving. With a universal roof rack, you can easily transport any sports gear.

The Stag Rack universal roof rack is the world’s first removable roof rack, and it works with any car. It is designed for ease of use and convenience; so you can enjoy any sports you like without the hassle of transporting them. If you enjoy different activities every week, you only need one modular base unit of Stag Rack to fit multiple sports attachments. The base unit attaches to any car through the 8x6” industrial-grade vacuum cups. The vacuum cups have a total pull strength of 725+ kgs made to withstand extreme weight without leaving marks on your car. It is so sturdy that it can hold up to three surfboards or two paddleboards at a time.

Advantages of the Stag Rack Universal Roof Rack

Stag Rack stands out from its permanent counterparts; this is because it is the first-ever roof rack with interchangeable locking mounts made to swap sports attachments in seconds. With the Stag Rack universal roof rack, you only need 2 minutes of installation time to load your equipment, and you’re ready to go. The vacuum cup fastens securely to any glass, metal, or fibreglass materials without leaving damage or marks to your car. Additionally, should you need to use another vehicle, you only need to dismount them and reinstall them again on another car with no problem. Unless you have multiple vehicles for multiple sports, that is the flexibility you can enjoy with Stag Rack that you can’t get with a permanent, bolted-in roof rack.

Enjoy the flexibility of a universal roof rack all year round. It is ideal to use in all seasons and a variety of sports. You and your family can enjoy biking, skiing, or boarding without the need for compromise. And just when you think it can’t get any better, the universal roof rack can be removed when not in use so you can save on MPG (miles-per-gallon). Stag Rack comes with the base unit and the sports bundle of your choice. Now that’s a roof rack that rocks.


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