Stag Rack: All in One Removable Roof Rack

Introducing the Stag Rack Universal Roof Rack for any car and any sports. Roof racks have always provided the extra space we need for larger-sized equipment. Many kinds of roof racks are available depending on the vehicle roof type. Some vehicles need specific roof racks specific to their model. Once you fit a roof rack into your car, they are good as permanent. However, what if you need particular types of rack frames for your specific needs? This is where the Stag Rack comes in. It is an all-in-one removable roof rack that you can change depending on your need for the moment.   

Stag Rack is the first-ever removable roof rack made with interchangeable attachments to fit in any car. Instead of bolts, Stag Rack comes with a base unit mounted on any vehicle rooftop through the industrial-grade vacuum cups. The vacuum cups have 725+ kg pull strength to carry heavy pieces of sports equipment. In addition, the interchangeable locking mounts of Stag Rack are perfect for swapping sports attachments in seconds. The vacuum cup roof racks can hold up to three surfboards or two paddleboards at a time without leaving marks on your car. So, if you want to go surfing this week and paddleboarding next, you can conveniently swap the attachment in only two minutes’ installation time. 

Advantages of the Stag Rack

What can you get with Stag Rack’s all-in-one roof rack? With only one base, you can attach multiple sports equipment. For example, you may get a sports bundle for biking or surfing. The bundle includes the base unit and the sports attachment. Likewise, you may also get them separately if you wish. In addition, a removable roof rack lets you enjoy different sports or outdoor activities at any given time.   

The Stag Rack’s vacuum cups fasten securely to any glass, metal, or fibreglass. In addition, the Stag rack roof racks have been put to rigorous tests to ensure you will not lose your cargo or sports equipment before reaching your destination. You may also check the removable roof racks in gas stops if you want to be sure.  

Finally, the edge of the Stag Rack is compatible with any vehicle. They also work well on any roof or rear window. If you enjoy multiple sports, Stag Rack is definitely worth the investment. Furthermore, you may demount them and store them properly to prevent damage when not in use. Demounting them when not in use also saves you in fuel, which you cannot do in a permanent roof rack. Your car will thank you for it.


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