Introducing the World’s First Removable Roof Rack

Gearing for an adventure just got better! Introducing Stag Rack, a breakthrough in outdoor adventure and technology. Stag Rack is the world’s first removable roof rack engineered to keep up with your active lifestyle.

If you love sports, if you love the outdoors, and if you love adventure, Stag Rack is definitely worth checking out. Stag Rack is here to make people’s love for sports and outdoor activities a whole lot easier. It is the first removable roof rack that can accommodate different types of equipment from skis to bicycles, paddleboards, surfboards, and many more. 

The Stag Rack Removable Roof Rack 

Stag Rack is the first-ever vacuum cup roof rack to fit on any vehicle. The vacuum cups are industrial grade, which is road-tested to last through tough conditions, even on cross-country travel. Each vacuum cup goes through a series of suction tests from the manufacturing to the store and on the roads to make sure the roof rack and all your gears are secured. The vacuum cups leave no damage to the vehicle; and can fasten well to any glass, metal, and fibreglass. Common roof racks use bolting. Not all roof racks are suitable to transport all kinds of equipment. Most vehicles need roof racks that are specifically designed for their model. Why a removable roof rack? With Stag Rack, you need not worry if you’re cycling this weekend and surfing the next. 

No bolts, no problem

Stag Rack’s removable roof rack comes with Interchangeable Locking Mounts to do swapping sports attachments in minutes. It has a pull strength of 725kgs+, perfect for carrying three surfboards or two paddleboards at a time. They attach securely to the roof or rear window of any car. Stag Rack offers sports bundles for bikes and surfboards; you may also get the base unit and the sports attachment separately. You can find them at our products page at Stag Rack Australia.

Save time and effort with Stag Rack’s removable roof rack. Complete installation in just two minutes, and you can do it all yourself. When not in use, demount the roof rack and store it safely until it’s time to take them out again. It can lighten the load of your car and save on fuel. So, whether you love the sea, sand, or snow, Stag Rack will be with you. A removable roof rack not just for one but for all seasons.

The team that created Stag Rack are passionate people who love outdoor adventures and sports, just like you. They know that every journey could become an adventure and have taken the muscle out of traditional methods of carrying sports equipment. Stag Rack’s removable roof rack is a solution to everyone who wants adventure without all the hassle.


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