• surf, ski, and bike - all in one removable roof rack

    The world’s first removable roof rack for any car and any sport.

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How the stag rack works

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I've done a 1,000km trip to the snow and back three times this year and it's been great. Putting it on was no issue.

Amadeus, from AUS

The STAG rack is awesome! I use it all the time!

Brendan from WA

I'm pretty sure that I'm putting the STAG Rack through it's most intense stress test ever and I have ZERO complaints.

Cole, from CA

With the STAG Rack, mount your bikes or ski rack with ease, so you don't have to futz with getting it all in the car. That way, you have more room for friends and extra gear.

Entrepreneur Mag

The STAG sport rack delivers what it promises, and this is a statement that cannot be made for a lot of products. The rack is easy to operate and makes you feel secure.

Globo Surfer

Brianna Cope x STAG Rack

Get outside, easier

Our mission at STAG rack is to make it easier for people to enjoy the outdoors. Join us as we help enable you and your mates to get outside!

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